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Coming soon: 19″ – 2U – VHF/COM Ground Station for 1 or 2 Rx/Tx in standard 61x61mm (2.4×2.4 in) enclosure; 8.33 or 25 kHz devices available

FLARM add-on module available now – for all 19″ PlaneTRack ADS-B ground station receivers (click to image for more)

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Wind Energy Network - Issue 32 - May 2016 - p. 55

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ADS-B Aircraft and Vehicle Tracking Solutions

About ADS-B Tracking

ADS-B (Automatic Dependant Surveillance – Broadcast) is the worldwide standard for aircraft position and flight data transmissions. By 2020 ADS-B will be a mandatory aircraft equipment in many regions of the world. Also ADS-B is  increasingly used by helicopters, light aircraft, gliders, drones and airport vehicles.

With our affordable 19″, 10″ and 8.5″ PlaneTRack ADS-B receivers and antennas corporate customers can obtain valuable tracking information for their individual needs:

  – Airfield/Apron/Terminal area situational awareness
  – Low flying operations (helicopter, offshore and onshore wind farms, oil and gas platforms)
  – Rescue operations in mountainous areas, valley surveillance
  – Drone tracking
  – Airport vicinity noise monitoring
  – Flying schools
  – Defense and Electronic Intelligence
  – Vessel/helicopter operations
  – Calibration of navaid equipment

PlaneTRack ADS-B receiving systems are available in both 19″ standard-rack and 10″ mini-rack inserts. They are certified according to European CE regulations (EMC, VDE, EN60950-1) and compliant with ICAO Annex 10, Doc 9871, RTCA DO-260/A/B, Eurocae ED102/A and ED-129. 10″ inserts can also be ordered as 8.5″ desktop devices, also with underdesk mounting option.

Various PlaneTRack options are available for AC or DC power supply, extended temperature range, SNMP integration, airborne vibration/shock compliance (DO-160) , extended warranty and component exchange services. 

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Airfield Landing and Tower COM Systems


The Automatic Runway Announcement and Tower Frequency Repeater (ALIS) by EFB Systems is presented by Planevision Systems on webpages dedicated to airfield and general aviation equipment. Please click to image to follow link.

VIDEO: PlaneTRack ADS-B in action

VIDEO: PALU Angels Helicopter Approach ADS-B Solution

PlaneTRack Receivers No.1 in Western Europe Wind Farm ADS-B


PlaneTRack 19″ ADS-B Receivers have become a standard equipment on many new and existing wind farm projects in the North and Irish Sea due to their competitive advantages:

– noise-immune RF frontend with narrow-band 1090 MHz filters (not a SDR)
– high speed decoder with dedicated FPGA hardware
– fully decoded network output in various formats (raw, JSON, CSV, Asterix) – no need for PC
– with JetView-S display software: real time display refresh rate (0.5 sec), no interpolations, no extrapolations
– rugged hardware, including AISI316 antenna and brackets
Read more about PlaneTRack offshore installations in Wind Energy Network May 2016.



Want to establish an ADS-B reception site on a remote oil rig, tv tower or wind farm platform? Our receivers and antennas are available in land and maritime (rugged) versions and support remote control and trouble-free operations.



With our JetView-S virtual radar 
display software we offer a flexible solution to display ADS-B and Multilateration targets from multiple sites on Windows™ computers.



If you do not want to share your organization’s flight data with the public, but still have a need for ADS-B or Multilateration coverage, a private monitoring network may be an interesting alternative for you.



With the vast experience of its founders in RF and ADS-B receiver design and display software programming, Planevision Systems can help you to design and install your preferred ADS-B or Multilateration solution.

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ADS-B antennas (MIL-STD 810G)


Planevision Systems designs and manufactures advanced ADS-B receivers, antennas and accessories for professional applications.

For industrial, corporate and defense customers we offer a number of comprehensive and customizable ADS-B receiver solutions with extended service scopes. You will find more informations about these offers on this page. Please send us an e-mail via the Contact Box if you have specific interests, for a quote or if you are a reseller.

Planevision Systems is located in the Hamburg area, Germany, close to Airbus Industries and Lufthansa Technik AG.