Airfield ADS-B and COM Systems

ADS-B – Solutions for Airports and Industry

ADS-B (Automatic Dependant Surveillance – Broadcast) is the worldwide standard for air traffic automatic position and flight data reporting. More and more IFR- and VFR aircraft – and also ground vehicles on the apron – are equipped with an ADS-B transponder. From 2020 all IFR flights (exceeding 5.700 kgs MTOW) must be equipped with such a transponder.

How does ADS-B work?

Our PlaneTRack ADS-B Receiving Systems offer an affordable but professional solution for industrial and airport users. Our equipment is CE and FCC certified. Be it as a 19″- or 10″ rack insert or as an 8.5″ desktop device (underdesk mountable) – a PlaneTRack device will fit into every Tower cab.

PlaneTRack – ADS-B Receiving Systems

PlaneTRack ADS-B Receiving Systems are popular in offshore wind parks, electronic intelligence, navaid calibration, flying schools, drone tracking, rescue services, and many more. For ADS-B operations on aerodromes and airfields PlaneTRack is offered in combination with a Windows PC display software specified and tested by Tower controllers. As an option the monitor can be connected directly to the PlaneTRack device via a HDMI output.

"Radar" Software developed and tested by Tower Controllers


ALIS – Automatic Runway Announcement and Tower Frequency Repeater

No Tower Controller on duty? – no problem for aerodromes with ALIS! Automatically on an intial pilot’s contact ALIS will provide up-to-date landing information and weather data on the Tower Frequency during all times of unmanned operations. ALIS responses can be customized and programmed in any language. With the built-in Tower Frequency Repeater the Tower Controller can also receive and transmit on the Tower Frequency from any spot within the aerodrome premises.

References? Many German national aerodromes are operating ALIS successfully since many years and with approval of the authorities.



ALIS is a small stand-alone device that will be connected to the VHF transceiver in the Tower cab. Settings and configuration are easily done through a LAN/WLAN interface by smartphone, tablet or PC. Weather data can be processed from almost any type of WX station. For the Frequency Repeater a small 450 MHz UHF basestation will be added, that extends the Tower Frequency to small handheld radios within the aerodrome premises.

ALIS - compact, variable, productive.


When contacting the Tower frequency for the first time the ALIS response would be e.g.:

“ALISTOWN Info. – Runway 1 – 2 in use. – Wind from 135 degrees – with 10 knots. – Q-N-H 1010 hecto Pascal – Temperature 17 degrees Celsius. – Please use the Northern traffic pattern and avoid overflying villages.”

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ALIS Runway Announcement and ALIS Frequency Repeater are also available as separate devices, in combination with PlaneTRack ADS-B Receivers or 8.33 kHz VHF COM Transceivers.

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PlaneTRack 10″ and 8,5″ Airfield ADS-B-Systems
PlaneTRack 19″
ADS-B Systems
ALIS – Automatic Runway Annoucement and Repeater

Planevision Systems designs and manufactures advanced ADS-B receivers, antennas and accessories for private and professional use.

For industrial, corporate and defense customers we offer a number of comprehensive and customizable solutions with extended service scopes. You will find more informations about these offers on this page. Please send us an e-mail via the Contact Box if you have specific interests, for a quote or if you are a reseller.

Planevision Systems is located in the Hamburg area, Germany, close to Airbus Industries and Lufthansa Technik AG.