ADS-B Ground Stations and Aircraft/Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Planevision Systems designs and manufactures advanced ADS-B receivers, antennas and accessories for professional applications. For industrial, corporate and defense customers we offer a number of comprehensive and customizable ADS-B receiver solutions with extended service scopes. You will find more informations about these offers on this page. Please send us an e-mail via the Contact Box if you have specific interests, for a quote or if you are a reseller. Planevision Systems is located in the Hamburg area, Germany, close to Airbus Industries and Lufthansa Technik AG.

About ADS-B Tracking

ADS-B Receiver rack - how to

ADS-B (Automatic Dependant Surveillance – Broadcast) is the worldwide standard for aircraft position and flight data transmissions. By 2020 ADS-B will be a mandatory aircraft equipment in many regions of the world. Also ADS-B is increasingly used by helicopters, light aircraft, gliders, drones and airport vehicles. With our affordable 19″, 10″ and 8.5″ PlaneTRack ADS-B receivers our corporate customers can obtain valuable tracking information for their individual needs:

  • Airfield/Apron/Terminal area situational awareness
  • Low flying operations (helicopter, offshore and onshore wind farms, oil and gas platforms)
  • Rescue operations in mountainous areas, valley surveillance
  • Drone tracking
  • Airport vicinity noise monitoring
  • Flying schools
  • Defense and Electronic Intelligence
  • Vessel/helicopter operations
  • Calibration of navaid equipment

PlaneTRack ADS-B receiving systems are available in both 19″ standard-rack and 10″ mini-rack inserts. They are certified according to European CE regulations (EMC, VDE, EN60950-1) and compliant with ICAO Annex 10, Doc 9871, RTCA DO-260/A/B, Eurocae ED102/A and ED-129. 10″ inserts can also be ordered as 8.5″ desktop devices, also with underdesk mounting option.

Options are available for AC or DC power supply, extended temperature range, SNMP control, airborne vibration/shock compliance (DO-160), extended warranty, component exchange services and others.

VIDEO: PlaneTRack ADS-B in action

VIDEO: PALU Angels Helicopter Approach ADS-B Solution

PlaneTRack Receivers No.1 in Western Europe Wind Farm ADS-B

ADS-B Receiving System - 19 inch - Windfarms

PlaneTRack 19″ ADS-B Receivers have become a standard equipment on many new and existing wind farm projects in the North and Irish Sea due to their competitive advantages:

  • noise-immune RF frontend with narrow-band 1090 MHz filters (not a SDR)
  • high speed decoder with dedicated FPGA hardware
  • fully decoded network output in various formats (raw, JSON, CSV, Eurocontrol Asterix) – no need for PC
  • rugged hardware, including AISI316 antenna and brackets

PlaneTRack ADS-B 19 and 10 inch Rack Receiving Equipment

ADS-B Receiver - 19 inch rack - front view
PlaneTRack 19" ADS-B Receiver Type B
ADS-B System - 19 inch rack - rear view
PlaneTRack 19" ADS-B Receiver Type B
ADS-B Receiving System - 19 inch rack - Type B10 front view
PlaneTRack 10" ADS-B Receiver Type B10
ADS-B - Type B10 rear view
PlaneTRack 10" ADS-B Receiver Type B10

Planevision Systems Offerings

Want to establish an ADS-B reception site on a remote oil rig, tv tower or wind farm platform? Our receivers and antennas are available in land and maritime (rugged) versions and support remote control and trouble-free operations.

With our JetView-S virtual radar display software we offer a flexible solution to display ADS-B and Multilateration targets from multiple sites on Windows™ and Linux computers.

If you do not want to share your organization’s flight data with the public, but still have a need for ADS-B or Multilateration coverage, a private monitoring network may be an interesting alternative for you.

With the vast experience of its founders in RF and ADS-B receiver design and display software programming, Planevision Systems can help you to design and install your preferred ADS-B or Multilateration solution.

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