PlaneTRack ADS-B Receiving Systems – Quick Overview

PlaneTRack – flexible rack inserts

PlaneTRack ADS-B receivers are available as professional rack inserts. We offer standard 19″ 2U inserts for existing or new racks. This is the right size for device combinations in one enclosure, e.g. PlaneTRack and ALIS, too.

When space is at a premium we offer 10″ rack inserts or even 8.5″ desktop cases. The latter are available as under desk mountable, too.

If even less space is available we can customize all enclosures for remote solutions that fit into every tower cab.

High-end ADS-B and GPS antennas come with all our systems

Multiuser and Multi Monitor Solutions 

All our systems are capable of multiuser operations, i.e. the “radar” can be displayed on different PCs at the same time. This functionality is available inside a LAN, but also from the internet subject to firewall configuration. On each PC two fully independant “radar” windows can be displayed at the same time.


For installations without a PC we offer our PlaneTRack HD system, that directly connects to a HDMI monitor, keyboard and mouse – without the need for a PC.

Display software – tested by tower controllers 

In the tower the clear display of the terminal area traffic is most important. Therefore we deliver our PlaneTRack ADS-B Airfield systems together with JetView-S, a display software that was specified and tested by tower controllers. Also, this software was developed specifically for touchscreens.

Multiple configuration options and filters allow to adopt the look and feel of JetView-S to every local airport environment. Optionally we offer a 3D approach path monitoring display, e.g. to track RNP approaches in vertical and lateral profile, together with weather and background map overlays.  


Typical display window for a regional airport


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